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For the first time ever in my 60 years of wearing glasses Dr. Kathryn Thompson knew how to work the vision machine correctly. She was very professional and personable. I would recommend Thompson Vision Care to anyone who needs to have their vision checked.
Butch F    -    June 2017

Doctor Comments
Thank you so much for the high praise. Appreciate any and all feed back about our services.

I have always appreciated the professional and caring service of Dr Thompson and in more recent years, his daughter as well. However today's visit was even more exceptional because of their newest hire, Miss Alexandra! Sweet, energetic and pleasant she graciously jumped at my request to help me find a pair of glasses. Normally it takes me 20+ try-ons before I finally settle on a less-than optimal pair (fatigue wins out to satisfaction). Well the VERY FIRST PAIR Alexandra chose for me were spot on! I loved them. I couldn't believe it. She picked out a few more for comparison but I stuck with the first pair. They were conservative yet had a little pop and flair to them. I didn't give her any criteria for choosing a pair, but she was able to size up my personality, facial structure and taste to find the perfect pair. Shout out to Zoe too for patiently explaining my insurance coverage, benefits and options. Thanks Drs Thompson for establishing a work culture where your employees' joy and professionalism are passed on to the customers! - Barbara Galloway 6/3/2017
Barbara G    -    June 2017

Doctor Comments
Thank you for returning to Thompson Vision Care. It was a pleasure to see you again, and thank you for taking the time for providing us with such a wonderful review!

Dr. Gerard Thompson is the most proficient eye doctor I have ever dealt with. He really knows his stuff. My entire family have been going there for years. He discovered my dad's glaucoma just when it started, probably saved my dad's sight. No other eye doctor noticed it before! I cannot say enough about this practice. Highly, highly, recommend.
Irene O    -    May 2015

Dr. Kathryn Thompson, OD 5900 Greenbelt Rd. Greenbelt, MD 20770 Phone: (301) 982-4200 Fax: (301) 441-1093

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